Friday, 5 February 2010

Vet on safari

LittleVet is on safari! Every day we record data about the animals on the reserve.

One of the Cheetahs, Djuma is lame. We called it in when we noticed it and the rather stern reserve manager came out to see him. 'Who's the vet?' He asked looking straight passed me at the only male on the vehicle (yep South African males can be sexist but South African women are very tough cookies as a result). 'Me' I said 'He's three tenths lame right hind' I told him.
'Would you call the vet?' He asked.

'I am the fucking vet! ' I wanted to say. But I guess he just wanted to know whether he needed to be darted.

'Is it stiffness, hips, upper or lower limb?' He asked.

'He walked three steps and lay down again, it was hard to tell from that.' I say curtly. 'I would wait a day or two, and see what happens, what's your protocol?' I ask.

'If the injury is life threatening we call the vet out to dart them.' He said.

Somehow, I dont believe him. These Cheetahs are so habituated to humans they can allow tourists to walk in on them, they are very guess is they will call the vet in a few days... afterall they are like any other pet.

Perhaps I will send the reserve manager a bill for my veterinary 'binocular' examination. I may decide to waive the visit fee as I happened to be in the area....